Expert Analysis On The NCAA Men’s Championship Game From Last Night

Boy, did that game stink.

The only thing that made that game even barely watchable was the knowledge that UCLA had come back from 17 points to beat Gonzaga in the Regional Semifinals. But Florida never let UCLA fans muster much hope that history would repeat itself. The Gators were simply overpowering, scoring baskets — not just baskets, but dunks — at will. It was an awesome display.

But the Gators’ awesome display of hoops dominance meant miserably uninteresting television, sending me straight to TV Land for a fine double-dip of What’s Happening and Cheers. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the What’s Happening when Raj, Dwayne, Rerun, and Dee jam with the Doobie Brothers. But only a fool believes it wasn’t better than what should be one of the best basketball games of the year.


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