10 Reasons Why The Milwaukee Bucks Will Beat The Detroit Pistons

I know you’ve heard all of the talk about how the Milwaukee Bucks, the only team with a losing record to qualify for this year’s NBA postseason, will quickly succumb to the Detroit Pistons, the team with the NBA’s best record, in the opening round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

Well, hear me now, Bucks fans. There are many reasons Milwaukee can beat Detroit. Here’s just ten of them:

1. Pistons head coach Flip Saunders has had about as much success in the NBA postseason as Rob Schneider has had at the Cannes Film Festival. In ten seasons in Minnesota, he amassed a lousy 17-30 playoff record. Some coaches can’t inspire their players when the games matter most, and Flip is one of those coaches.

2. Pistons power forward Rasheed Wallace. Despite showing some signs of maturity recently, Sheed is still a hothead. If the Bucks can get into his head or if Sheed feels the game isn’t being called fairly by the refs, he can lose his cool and his effectiveness. And Flip (see above) isn’t the coach to keep him in line.

3. Detroit guard Richard Hamilton wears that goofy mask. If someone on the Bucks can find it and switch it with a Sponge Bob Square Pants Halloween mask, that might negate his effectiveness.

4. The pressure is on Detroit. There are more people that think Britney Spears is a qualified parent than think that Milwaukee can win. Milwaukee coach Terry Stotts should be able to use the ultimate underdog role to his and his team’s advantage. The Bucks will be loose — if they can keep the score close, the Pistons may tighten up and make costly mistakes.

5. Look at the 2005-2006 regular-season stats: Milwaukee has more points per game, assists per game, and has a higher free-throw percentage than Detroit. And Detroit only beats Milwaukee in field goal percentage by .162% and three point percentage by .004. These teams are not as uneven as people think.

6. One only has to look to the season series for further proof that the teams are competitive: While Detroit beat the Bucks three out of four games in 2005-2006, the average margin of victory was only six points. The Brewers routinely lose by a wider margin.

7. The Red Wings will win the Stanley Cup. The Sports Gods won’t allow Detroit to have two championships in the same year. Unless it’s seen as restitution to the city for having to suffer with the Tigers and Lions.

8. The Bucks have a deeper bench than the Pistons. Milwaukee uses its reserves more and they are more effective when used. The Bucks will be able to give their starters more rest and — with the Pistons’ advanced age — will have a better shot of wearing down Detroit than the other way around.

9. The Bucks have Charlie Bell. The reserve point guard is one of the league’s best-kept secrets. This year’s playoffs may be his official coming-out party.

10. Fans attending the playoff games at Detroit’s Palace at Auburn Hills will be sleepy from eating too many Big Boy hamburgers — which are sold at the arena — thereby negating any home-field advantage.

There you have it. 10 reasons to hope that the Bucks can win a game against the Pistons. What’s that? You were looking for reasons to hope the Bucks could win the entire series? Wow. I admire your optimism. But I’m dealing with reality here. I’m giving the Bucks a game. I’m afraid that’s all we can hope for.


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