What Do I Know?

I hate post-NFL Draft “winners and losers” columns simply because it’s impossible to know at this point which teams drafted well and which teams didn’t. No one can say for sure until a couple of years from now after players have had an opportunity to prove themselves. What you can say for sure is that pretty much everything that I predicted in this blog last week didn’t happen. So I guess that makes me a post-NFL Draft “loser.”

I said the Texans would take Reggie Bush with their number one pick. They instead took DE Mario Williams. This proves the point that some teams stink not necessarily because of their coaches or their players but because their front office makes horrible football decisions. Of course, Mario Williams could be the next Lawrence Taylor and Reggie Bush could be the next Ron Dayne (sorry, Ron). But try selling this pick to any Texan fan. You’d be better off trying to convince them that Dustin Hoffman was in Star Wars.

I said Green Bay would take Maryland tight end Vernon Davis with the first pick in order to supply Brett Favre with a new playmaker for his final season. They went with the popular pick of Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk instead. Hawk may be the better pick, but I’m still surprised the team didn’t do more to bolster the offense for Favre. Not to mention the loss of Javon Walker, which was going to happen regardless.

I was surprised that the Titans went with Vince Young instead of Matt Leinart. The popular consensus is that Leinart is, of the two of them, more ready to start in the NFL right away. And the Titans, with the inevitable trade or release of Steve McNair, need somebody right away. Young will probably struggle for a couple of seasons, while Leinart will be in Arizona learning under Kurt Warner and then play alongside Larry Fitzgerald, Edgerrin James, and Anquan Boldin. Despite losing some money in his drop to tenth pick overall, Leinart and the Cardinals are the real winners in this scenario.

But the biggest losers from last weekend are not the Texans, Bills, Reggie Bush, or even me for picking everything wrong. No, that would be the Minnesota Twins, who embarrassed themselves, the state of Minnesota, and Major League Baseball by putting up a pathetic showing this weekend in Detroit during which they were outscored by a whopping margin of 33-1 over three games. Maybe Bud Selig was right about contracting them.


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