Life After Soccer

So the United States lost its World Cup opener convincingly to the Czech Republic, setting the stage for an early US exit from the tournament. I guess we’re supposed to feel disappointed. But no more than the folks at ABC and ESPN, who for some bizarre reason ponied up hundreds of millions of dollars to broadcast 64 games of this incessantly unpopular sport.

Call me short-sighted, but if US ratings are lousy even when the American team is playing, what will it be when the US is eliminated and the schedule is full of matches between Saudi Arabia and Tunisia and Togo and Switzerland? Togo? I’m guessing the numbers will be just below what TV Land routinely sees for reruns of Good Times. Probably worse, because a lot more people love Esther Rolle than love Togo.

Of course, if they can get Suzy Kolber and a drunken Joe Namath to call the games, even I’ll tune in.


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