The National League Stinks

Tupac Shakur was still alive. Bob Dole had realistic presidential aspirations. And everybody was doing the macarena.

That was summer 1996. The last time that the National League won a Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

You know, the National League. The league that hasn’t won a World Series game since 2003.

I’ve got nothing against the National League. In fact, I prefer their rules over the American League’s rules. I think the DH is ridiculous. (What’s even more ridiculous is that the leagues even have different rules. It would be like the AFC playing two-hand touch.)

But every year at this time, during interleague play, it just becomes more and more clear how much more competitive and flat-out better the teams in the American League are to the teams in the National League.

This season, only two National League teams have a winning record against the American League, the Mets and the Rockies. One of the so-called elite NL teams (if indeed there are any), the St. Louis Cardinals, just got swept by the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers. And AL teams that were struggling for wins are having an easy time getting victories against NL teams that are considered to be in competition for playoff berths.

Nowhere is this disparity more obvious than in the case of the AL’s Kansas City Royals. The Royals have long been one of the league’s doormats. And no more so than this year as they currently own MLB’s worst overall record. But they are a stunning 9-3 against National League teams (including 2-1 against your Milwaukee Brewers). Hey, the Royals could be on top of the NL Central right now!

Or conversely, you wonder what the Brewers record would be if they were still an American League team. Maybe about 12-62. With those 12 wins coming against National League teams in interleague play. No wonder Bud Selig had them moved over to the NL. Could be the smartest thing he’s ever done.


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