Get The Dish

It’s not normally my place to pimp products in this blog, but since I care about you, the NFL football fan, I think it’s time I make an exception.

This is the season to get the dish. No, I’m not talking about the Elvis Presley commemorative plate marking 30 years since The King took his Vegas Revue up to that big Tropicana Hotel in the sky.

I’m talking about the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket.

You see, fans in the Madison viewing area who are hoping to see the best NFL football this season are largely going to be screwed.

Now, if you’re a Packer fan and you would watch Green Bay take on the WISC News team in a game for charity (a game that would be more competitive than you might think; Toni Morrissey and Linda Eggert aren’t nicknamed “Flea” and “Flicker” for nothing) over any other NFL action, then you’re fine. You have nothing to worry about. The local football schedule is made for you. Enjoy it.

But if you feel the Packers have no shot this year to win more than say five games (and that seems to be the majority opinion, even among the most optimistic Packer fans I know), and you’d like to check out NFL games featuring legitimate playoff contenders, then you’re largely out of luck with the Sunday afternoon games offered up by WISC and WMSN.

You see, no matter how bad the Packers get, WMSN will never NOT air one of their scheduled FOX Sunday games. There is too much money to be made from local advertisers, and chances are FOX wouldn’t allow a local station not to take a local team anyway. So local viewers this week are stuck with Packers/Lions (two 0-2 teams) instead of Vikings/Bears, a game that pits the two co-leaders of the NFC North against each other. (My pick: Bears in a game not that close.)

The situation is maybe even worse at WISC. This week the local CBS affiliate is forced to pass up on great 12 noon games like Colts/Jaguars and Bengals/Steelers to take . . . a 3 PM game featuring the 0-2 Browns against the Ravens? Why would WISC do that? Because the Packers play at 12 noon on FOX and CBS doesn’t believe that anyone would watch a NFL game against the Packers, no matter how infinitely better the matchup is.

But if you have the Dish — like yours truly — you get the Vikings/Bears. You get Colts/Jaguars. And you get Steelers/Bengals. Then the problem becomes — you guessed it — which to watch. Thank God for TiVo, something I can’t believe I ever lived without. But of course I’m not here to pimp products.

Quick picks: Lions over Packers. Sorry. Jaguars over Colts. (Yes, I know the game is in Indy.) And Bengals over Steelers.

Enjoy the football this weekend. I’ll see you Monday morning on C3K Live.


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