It’s Not A Bald Spot . . .

If the Cardinals go on to win the World Series, it won’t be vindication for National League fans who have had to put up with smack the last couple of years about how much better the American League is than the National League. It simply means that the Tigers, a young team with a couple key veterans, blew it. The Tigers pitching staff has literally — with four errors in as many games — thrown this series away. If the Tigers had been playing as well, or even nearly as well, as they played against the Yankees and the A’s, they’d be putting this series away. But their youth and inexperience has done them in, just as I suspected it might. But the American League is still the superior league.

UW football fans hoping for a competitive game will likely have to wait until bowl season. They certainly won’t get one this weekend, when Illinois and their freshman quarterback Juice (yep, I said Juice) Williams come to town. Williams only completed 39 percent of his passes last week against Penn State; he’s likely to have even worse statistics against the Badgers’ third-best passing defense in the nation. Unless Illinois can sustain a running game and keep the Badgers offense on the field — and they did net 247 yards last week against the Nittany Lions — this looks to be another laugher. Good chance for fans to get a head start on Freak Fest. Look for me on State Street this weekend — I’ll be dressed as that “Mambo No. 5” guy. He’s a riot.

Unbelievably, the Packers haven’t won a game at home yet this year. That will change on Sunday, when the hapless Cardinals come to Lambeau Field. Look for Dennis Green to actually burst into flames somewhere early in the fourth quarter, when his team falls 30 points behind following an Al Harris interception return for a touchdown. Then again, the Cardinals did win the last time these two teams met, a 20-13 shocker in 2003. But don’t look for that to happen again. If Arizona did win, though, it would be less shocking than if the Bears lost to the 49ers. Elsewhere in the NFC North, the Vikings have a challenge against the Patriots on MNF — I look for the Patriots to win a pretty close game. The Lions have their bye so the sports fans of Detroit can focus their misery on the Tigers blowing the World Series.

Have a good weekend, dear readers. Stay safe on State Street.


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