I Was Told There Would Be No Math

You know that NBC’s in trouble when one of their most-hyped primetime broadcasts of the November sweeps period is a Law and Order (is that show still on?) episode featuring Chevy Chase (is that guy still alive?) making his so-called “dramatic” debut. If “dramatic” can be defined as “not funny or able to induce laughter,” then hasn’t Chevy been acting dramatically for about twenty years? I know I laughed more during Schlinder’s List than Nothing But Trouble.

Anyway, something that is working out for NBC is this sport called the NFL. Games in November don’t get any better than the Sunday night tilt between New England and Indianapolis. Me, I like the Patriots. Better defense. It’s that simple. Should be a good game though. And starting November 12, flex scheduling kicks in, meaning that NBC should have one of the best — if not the best — games of the week. Now if they could only do something about that horrible pregame they have. Jerome Bettis? Cris Collinsworth? And that other guy?

The Sunday night game almost makes up for one of the crappiest slate of Sunday afternoon games in recent memory. Houston @ New York Giants? Miami @ Chicago? Atlanta @ Detroit? Will any of these games be decided by less than 30 points? Two potential upsets this weekend: I wouldn’t be surprised if Buffalo beats the visiting Packers — while the Packers are probably the better team, they might not be ready to face a team that’s simply bad after facing teams that are tremendously putrid (Dolphins and Cardinals). Also, no one seems to give the 49ers a chance against the Vikings (well, does anyone give the 49ers a chance any week?), but the Vikings are coming off a short week after an embarrassing loss that was not only bad for their collective psyche but also bad for the health of their players, several of whom — especially on the defensive side — are out or questionable for Sunday’s game. Seems like an ideal situation for San Francisco, especially at home.

Oh, and the football Badgers? I like them to come out fast for a change and win by a final of 30-14. Little known fact: Joe Paterno is actually younger than Chevy Chase. OK, not really, but you had to think about it, didn’t you?


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