10 Thoughts For The Weekend

It’s been a busy week here at Television Wisconsin, but I had some thoughts to share with you, my dear readers, before I close up shop here and head to my weekend job working the drive thru at Fazoli’s:

1. That countdown clock on ESPN that counts down the hours or even days to a game that ESPN or ABC is televising is ESPN’s stupidest idea since hiring Rush “Michael J. Fox Is Acting” Limbaugh for their Sunday morning football show. But even Rush Limbaugh would improve NBC’s Sunday evening football show.

2. Anybody that tells you that Michigan is going to beat Ohio State is guilty of overthinking. The Buckeyes win and it won’t be that close.

3. For anyone annoyed about the two Badgers games that were only on ESPNU this year and who are thinking about picking up ESPNU, remember that the Big Ten Channel is coming next year. ESPNU will then only be good for rowing, wrestling, and rodeo. Wait, do colleges have rodeo teams? They should.

4. Wisconsin plays Buffalo tomorrow. It’s gonna be cold. The spread is 38. 38! I’ll take Buffalo. No way Wisconsin wins by more than 30. Wait, Akron rolled Buffalo for 31 points last week? Forget it. I’ll take the points.

5. Joe Namath will be on 60 Minutes this weekend to talk about the infamous sideline interview with Suzy Kolber. Apparently Joe is going to claim that he thought he was talking to famed sideline reporter Armen Keteyian. It all makes sense now. I’m sweet on Armen too.

6. Packers will beat the Patriots this weekend. After the loss, Bill Belichick will walk onto the field to shake hands with Mike McCarthy but at the last minute Belichick will give the surprised McCarthy a very painful purple nurple and a vicious Indian burn.

All right, I only have six thoughts this weekend. But I’ll make it up to you. Free breadsticks for everyone. Come on down!


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