What To Watch This Weekend

Hey, I apologize for the lack of blogs lately, but I got trampled at Toys R Us trying to get my hands on one of the last Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Cameras. I just woke up after being fed a steady diet of Raspberry PEZ and Peanut M&Ms, which are apparently the only foods Toys R Us are licensed to sell under some bizarre agreement from the Wisconsin Grocers Association.

Anyway, hopefully you’ve got your holiday shopping done and you can relax this weekend in front of a LCD, plasma, flat-panel, or just plain-old TV for some fine sports programming. Here’s what I recommend:

Can’t miss the Pittsburgh @ Wisconsin game Saturday at 11 AM (ESPN). The Number Two Panthers at the Number Seven Badgers. Unfortunately for Pittsburgh, their leader, Aaron Gray, may be out due to an illness. Of course, that’s fortunate for Wisconsin, plus the fact the Kohl Center will be wild as the Badgers try to upset one of the deepest teams in the country. This one could be the game of the year.

Then stay tuned on ESPN for the NCAA Division III college football championship game between UW-Whitewater and Mount Union. It’s a rematch of last year’s Stagg Bowl, which saw Mount Union win by a score of 35-28 despite a furious 21-point fourth quarter rally by the Warhawks. I like Whitewater in this one, if only because Mount Union’s been flaunting their championship all year and I’m tired of it.

Saturday night the NFL Network has its first Saturday game of the season as the Dallas Cowboys try to bounce back after last week’s beat-down at the hands of the Saints. The Cowboys visit Atlanta, and the good news for Michael Vick is that the NFL Network is likely to be more open to any obscene gestures, if only because it will bring publicity to their games, which most of the country still can’t see.

If you’re not a Packer fan or just don’t care to see a 5-8 team against a 2-11 team, you’re out of luck in the early NFL window on Sunday. Although the Jets visit the Vikings in an interesting interconference matchup on CBS, the network wouldn’t allow WISC-TV to carry the game as it conflicts with the Green Bay/Detroit game. So either head to a bar that has the NFL Sunday Ticket or get some shopping done. Then get home in time for Philadelphia at the New York Giants in a very interesting matchup with major playoff implications. Me, I’ll be rooting for the Eagles if only because Jeff Garcia and I are brothers in baldness and Eli Manning’s a jerk.

Then on Sunday night, try to stay awake during NBC’s awful pregame show to watch Kansas City visit San Diego. NBC is hyping this game as Larry Johnson vs. LaDainian Tomlinson, which is sort of like hyping a golf tournament as a showdown between Gareth Davies and Tiger Woods. The only people that care about Larry Johnson are fantasy football players who have them on their team. Everybody else will be tuning in to see if Tomlinson can continue what is shaping up to be the best season ever by an NFL back.

That’s it. Have a great weekend and be sure to catch me on C3K Live Monday morning at 8 AM. It’s a good reason to put off that pile of work another fifteen minutes.


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