Week Off & Hot/Not

In honor of the NFL taking the week off between the championship games and the Super Bowl, I’ve decided to do the same. I’ve got some things I need to accomplish — nothing major, just some tattoo removals, our “Supernanny” application tape, and finishing up a Judas Priest CD I’m burning for my cousin.

Anyway, here’s what’s hot and what’s not this week. See you next week:

Hot: Peyton Manning
Not: Eli Manning

Hot: Thomas The Tank Engine
Not: Tank Johnson

Hot: Serena Williams
Not: Barry Williams

Hot: Lovie Smith
Not: Jaclyn Smith (A hairstyling reality show? A new low in reality TV, and that’s saying something after Armed & Famous)

Hot: Return of The Police
Not: Return of The Super Bowl Shuffle

Not: George Bush
Not: Reggie Bush
Not: Billy Bush
Hot: Sorry, I got nothing

Hot: That 16-year-old golfer Tad Fujikawa
Not: That new Wiggle

Hot: Everything in relation to the NHL
Not: The NHL. Duh.

Hot: Bo Ryan
Not: Ryan Leaf. That was a cheap one.

Hot: WKRP in Cincinnati
Not: Cincinnati Bengals

Hot: Wisconsin Badgers basketball
Not: Milwaukee Bucks basketball. But you knew that.


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