Beyonce and The Bucks

Hey, I got such a nice response from a David Letterman blog I posted here a couple of weeks back that the powers that be have decided to give me an entertainment blog as well. You can check it out at I hope to soon add a blog all about my love for soda.

The line between sports and entertainment is blurred all of the time — oh my God, Nicolas Cage is on Regis and Kelly; what is that on his head? — and one of those times happens every February when the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue comes out. Starting when I was in fifth grade, the annual SI swimsuit issue eclipsed Christmas as the biggest deal of the year. Not to sound like a grumpy old man (even though I am), the kids today don’t have to wait a year for something on this scale — they can get it every month with Maxim, FHM, Stuff, not to mention what’s available on-line (not that I’ve checked). Now SI is copying what has made the newer men’s monthlies so popular — namely, their reliance on celebrity skin — with its first-ever celebrity non-athlete cover swimwear model, Beyonce. Nothing against Beyonce, but this news has me about as excited as the upcoming One Day at a Time first season DVD box set — which is to say, not much. Hasn’t Beyonce showed pretty much everything she’s going to show? Let’s get some fresh faces out there! (But if anyone from SI is reading this, feel free to send me a few complimentary copies anyway Or some One Day at a Time DVDs. I can’t believe how that Schneider never knocks! I hope Ann Romano is going to teach him a lesson!)

I don’t know what’s more surprising — that the Milwaukee Bucks have only won three games in 2007 or that they almost beat the best team in the league Tuesday night before completely falling apart in the fourth quarter. The Dallas Mavericks, who have won 29 of their last 31 games, outscored Milwaukee 28-11 in the fourth quarter with Dirk Nowitzki finishing with 38 points, 11 rebounds, and eight assists. The Mavericks and Nowitzki are good. Scary good.

What’s scary for the Milwaukee Bucks is that on Wednesday night they travel to Boston to face the Celtics, who are losers of no fewer than 18 games straight. You know that these mammoth losing streaks never last forever — although they seem like it for teams suffering through them — and it appears that the Bucks at home are the perfect cure for what’s been ailing these Celtics. Especially since the Celtics just got Paul Pierce back from injury and he is primed to have a break-out game in what will be just his third game since missing 24 with an elbow injury. Pierce, one of the NBA’s most exciting players, scored nine in his return and then followed that up with 29 in Sunday’s close loss to Minnesota. At that rate of improvement, he’ll score about 93 tonight against the Bucks. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but he’ll probably get about half that as the Celtics end their embarassing streak.

The good news for Milwaukee is that they expect to get Michael Redd back for the second half of the season, which begins next Tuesday after Sunday’s All-Star Game. And even with as bad as the Bucks have been since 2007 began, they are only seven games out of the final playoff spot with a ton of games left. Hey, it’s not likely that the Bucks could make that kind of a run, but should Redd be able to come back strong from his injury, who knows?

Hey, in college hoops, some of the top teams continue to get upset — this week North Carolina and Texas A&M took a fall. When are Florida and Ohio State, the two teams ranked ahead of the Badgers in both major polls, going to lose? Unfortunately, with their schedule, any loss by Florida right now would be a stunner, and the Buckeyes next best chance to lose is to the Badgers on Sunday, February 25. Can’t wait for that game in Columbus. 3 PM on WISC-TV, baby! (Have to get a little station promotion in there. Oh, and don’t forget about the premiere of Amazing Race All Stars on February 18. And this week on Guiding Light — Will Gus blow his chance of getting baby Sydney? What? Too much promotion? You think? Hmmm . . . )


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