Tim Hardaway and Other (Less Disturbing) Things

Unlike some, I don’t give Tim Hardaway any credit for his “honesty.” I don’t know what’s worse, that he said what he said or that there are probably millions of people who are high-fiving their inbred cousins over what he said. It is a cruel reminder to us in “liberal” Madison, Wisconsin, that intolerance and bigotry not only continues to run rampant, but that some people are so comfortable with their hatred that they see nothing wrong with proudly announcing it on a radio talk show. But we didn’t need much of a reminder — after all, it hasn’t been that long since we were forced to actually vote for or against gay and lesbian discrimination. And the fact that that pro-discrimination bill passed was more horrific than anything an ignorant ex-basketball player could say. Unless you’re someone who looks to athletes for moral and spiritual guidance. In which case you’re either seven years old and need to have a talk with a responsible adult or you’re simply beyond hope.

Regarding what’s happening in NASCAR: You mean these guys actually cheat? I haven’t been this stunned since finding out that the Doodlebops don’t really play their own instruments.

What do we make of Penn State’s nearly stunning victory over Ohio State on Wednesday night? Will Ohio State’s inexperience be their downfall this year? If so, when in the tournament will it catch up with them? Is Penn State, the worst team in the Big Ten, not really that bad? What does it say about the Big Ten when the worst team can almost knock off the best team? Is it that good top to bottom or worse than we think top to bottom? Should the Badgers be worried about Saturday’s game against the Nittany Lions? Well, the Badgers aren’t blowing too many teams away, so they should always be careful. Luckily, they almost always are.

A brilliant sports blogger predicted the Bucks would help the Celtics put an end to their stunning 18-game losing streak on Wednesday night. But I couldn’t have predicted it would turn into such a rout. If Michael Redd can come back, I still think they can make the playoffs. But ultimately, they’ll get beaten up in the first round. Anybody else tired of waiting for the Bucks to get better? Anybody else tired of the injury excuse? Sound familiar, Brewer fan?


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