I Refuse To Make Jokes About Melanie Griffith

Do you really believe that someone at Topps inserted images of Mickey Mantle and President Bush on that Derek Jeter card? If so, then you probably believe that New Coke was actually meant to replace “Old” Coke. This smells to me like a PR move — and a brilliant one at that — made to boost a seriously faltering industry. I mean, when was the last time you even thought about baseball cards? Back when I was a kid, we had Topps, Fleer, and Donruss to collect. I didn’t think any of them were still in business. And now, thanks to this “accidental” Derek Jeter card, Topps is making headlines again. Good for them.

Kudos to the women’s basketball team for almost pulling off a major upset today of 15th ranked Purdue in the Big Ten tournament. As disappointing as the loss has to be to Lisa Stone’s group, most couldn’t have expected the Badgers to take Purdue to overtime — especially considering that Purdue was playing in front of what was basically a home crowd. Unfortunately, the Badgers could have possibly snagged a NCAA bid with a win against Purdue and now will almost definitely have to settle for a WNIT berth. But with the entire squad set to come back next year, 2007-2008 could be a very good season for Wisconsin Women’s Basketball.

Speaking of Wisconsin basketball, Badger fans should be a lot livelier after what should be a convincing win (not to mention a little revenge) against Michigan State on Saturday. Not only is Bo Ryan’s squad nearly invincible at the Kohl Center, but the Spartans have only won ONE Big Ten game this year on the road, and that was against lowly Penn State. Should be a good day tomorrow for the Badgers.


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