Badgers and Islanders — Too Close for Comfort

As I’m writing this, the Badgers are down 10-0 to the Islanders of Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. Even a pessimistic fan like me has to believe they’re not going to lose this game. But upsets have been so few so far in this year’s tournament that you have to believe they’re going to happen somewhere. I just hope it’s not here.

Geez, the Badgers haven’t scored in almost five minutes . . . I think my four-year-old son is a better player than Chappell. OK, I’ll stop being negative now . . .

At least about the Badgers. I’m negative so far about this tournament. Where’s the upsets? Not only have there been hardly any — one to be exact — but the games have largely been blowouts. Thank goodness for Virginia Commonwealth, although that was one upset I did not have on my bracket. I figured even with the subpar talent Duke had this year that Coach K could at least get out of the first round.

It’s disgusting watching this Badger game — brick after brick after brick being thrown up. I’m about to throw up.

Maybe it’s time to focus on other Badger sports, like the hockey teams. Let’s hope the men’s team can stay hot or at least as hot as they’ve been this season. After Thursday’s impressive 4-0 win over Michigan Tech, they’re advancing to the semifinals of the WCHA playoffs, playoffs that they will have to win to make it to the NCAA tournament. I don’t see it happening, but I didn’t see Wisconsin struggling against the Islanders.

Hey, it’s now 25-7 with Texas A&M-CC on top. I don’t think I’ve seen anything this disturbing since the Growing Pains reunion movie. I thought Marquette had a hard time scoring . . .

Why won’t these Randy Moss to the Packers trade rumors go away? Obviously there is something to this. Right now the Packers are in a lose-lose situation with this: If the deal gets done, they will likely have acquired Moss — a player well past his prime — at too high a price. If a deal doesn’t get done, it will look like another failed negotiation for Ted Thompson, who hasn’t been impressing anyone with his offseason moves, or lack thereof. I just can’t see Packer fans getting behind Moss, probably the most hated player among Packer fans in recent memory. But if he comes to Green Bay and plays at a level even close to what he played at Minnesota, something tells me Packer fans will forget. It helps that he’s been out of sight, out of mind and mired in the muck and mire of Oakland for the past two years.

Hey, it’s now 42-38. Wisconsin is coming back. I feel the panic slowly leaving my body. Or maybe it’s the NyQuil kicking in.

Hey, the women’s hockey team is set to repeat as NCAA women’s hockey champs. Seems like it’s almost a given that they are going to repeat. Kind of like it seemed like a given that the basketball team was going to walk all over Texas A&M-CC. Well, at least they are in the second half. It’s 52-48 Badgers now.

Geez, Tennessee scored like 200 points today in a victory over Long Beach State. I still say if they survive Virginia that they could beat Ohio State.

CBS just said that a 15 seed has beaten a 2 seed four times in the NCAA tournament. I remember 2001 because I had Iowa State going far — I probably listened to some moron like Clark Kellogg — and Hampton knocked them off right away. I was so mad I couldn’t watch basketball for like 20 minutes after that game. But I did catch a great rerun of The Golden Girls on Lifetime while I cooled off.

(What is it with Lifetime? I thought their slogan was “Television for Women.” But they have Frasier repeats on every night. I like Frasier. Does that mean I should be shopping for sun dresses and Midol?)

Badger game is now 58-58. It’s looking good, although CBS keeps switching WISC-TV’s feed to the Nevada/Creighton game, which is now in overtime. That is beyond annoying — sort of like Celine Dion — especially since WISC-TV is supposed to be given a “constant” feed of the game by CBS. That’s the biggest crock I’ve heard since Simon Cowell claimed to be more important to the music industry than Bruce Springsteen.

Upsets for Saturday? The way this tournament is going, none are likely. But the way Louisville put Stanford away, I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat Texas A&M, nor would I be surprised if Virginia Commonwealth becomes this year’s Cinderella and topples Pittsburgh.

OK, the Badgers are going to win. It’s 70-62 right now and all Texas A&M-CC can do is foul. I’d like to see the end, but CBS is showing the end of Nevada/Creighton. Hey, honestly — WISC-TV doesn’t control this. We wish we did.

On to UNLV. I’m enjoying today’s victory. But I’m nervous. I’m sure I’m not the only one.


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