10 Questions for Your Sports Weekend

1. Does anyone want to win the NL Central? Look at the Milwaukee Brewers: They’re 11-16 since the All-Star break, and currently seem more dysfunctional than the Lohan family. The pitching’s been lousy, the players and managers are sniping at each other, nobody seems to know when Ben Sheets will return, and Tony Graffanino is out for the season. Replacing Graffanino with Rickie Weeks is sort of like replacing your REO Speedwagon collection with Styx. It’s a bit of a downgrade, but not by much.

2. Have the Cubs peaked? Since overtaking the Milwaukee Brewers on August 1, the Cubs are just 2-6, and things don’t appear much brighter for Chicago with OF Alfonso Soriano out for several weeks. A week ago I would have bet the house that the Cubs would end the year in first place in the NL Central, now I would only bet the garage. Wait, I love that garage. If it wasn’t there, where would I hide my Sun Country wine coolers? Maybe I’d just bet the tomato plants. Tomatoes are overrated.

3. Do people really think the Brewers are so hard up that they should pick up David Wells?The Brewers have enough problems without Wells coming in and eating everyone’s Funjuns and drinking everyone’s Milwaukee’s Best.

4. Can you get enough preseason football? I don’t think so. Between Friday, August 10, and Monday, August 13, the NFL Network will run 11 NFL preseason games. Hey, I want to know how that third-string TE for the Jaguars is going to pan out. Might need him for fantasy football. The NFL Network is great. Sure it’s a niche network (like Charter says), but are you going to tell me that the Game Show Network — carried by Charter on its most popular package — isn’t?

5. How can WKOW-TV bill itself as the official Packers station when it is the only one of the four traditional Madison TV affiliates absolutely guaranteed NOT to broadcast a single regular season or playoff Packer football game this season? Perhaps WISC-TV should begin to market itself as the official American Idol station. Makes as much sense.

6. Can Rory Sabbatini make the cut at the PGA Championship? He’s only in 120th place, 43 strokes off the projected cut. Is Rory Sabbatini — he of the Tiger Woods is “beatable” comment — now officially the stupidest person in professional sports? Nope, not as long as Kevin McHale continues to draw a paycheck from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

7. Does anyone remember when David Beckham joining the Los Angeles Galaxy was pitched as a big deal? This story has fizzled faster than John McCain’s presidential campaign.

8. With Vernard Morency out with a knee injury, will Brandon Jackson use the preseason — starting Saturday night against Pittsburgh — to secure his role as the Packers’ number one running back? Will Noah Herron challenge Jackson? Is anyone comfortable that these are the names being thrown around for such a crucial position on the most storied NFL franchise ever?

9. Now that he’s broken the record, will ESPN shut up about Barry Bonds? I don’t care how many more home runs he’s going to hit, and him hitting 757 doesn’t qualify as “breaking news” under anyone’s definition. Come on, ESPN: Less Barry Bonds, more Erin Andrews. It’s not rocket science.

10. Will the Wisconsin Badgers really be as good as the pollsters predict without certainty at the quarterback position? Seems mighty optimistic, doesn’t it?


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