Packers/Giants Reax . . . And The Brewers Too?

OK, time to be honest about something: Just as I was finishing this post, my Internet connection became unstable and I lost what I had written. Which was quite a bit. And I am steamed about it.

So, in the interest of me not killing myself out of frustration, I will attempt to make the same points I had already once committed to screen, without maybe as much of the frills.

In my preseason picks, I had picked the Packers to beat the Giants. The Giants are a bad team, perhaps worse than I thought before the season started. The players are stupid, the coach can’t control them, and even Pam Oliver deems it OK to completely dis them mid-game. Oh, and Eli Manning couldn’t manage the night shift at your neighborhood McDonald’s, much less a NFL offense. Were it not for the Falcons and the Vikings — have you seen Tavaris Jackson play? — I think the Giants would be the worst team in the NFC.

Not to take too much away from the Packers. They looked as good on Sunday as I’ve seen them look in a long time. The defense — despite giving up a few big plays (the Giants did after all score 35 points and gain 478 yards in week 1) is quickly becoming one of the stoutest in the league. And the offense bounced back nicely from its anemic week 1 performance to look about as unstoppable as John Madden heading toward an Old Country Buffet.

Brett Favre? He’s pretty good, never much better than on Sunday. Three TDs for the first time in a year. Spread the ball around to eight different receivers. Could always find the open man, and even when the man wasn’t open, he could still direct his pass so only his receiver could make a play on the ball. And he was undoubtedly having fun, a far cry from the hopelessness that he expressed after the offense laid an egg in week 1 at home against Philadelphia. Oh, and he’s now the winningest NFL quarterback of all time. Pretty good.

The running game? Still a concern. Brandon Jackson is going to have to improve, but the Packers might not need him to. Not if DeShawn Wynn can run like he did against the Giants on a team with a better defensive unit. Jackson: Only 2.1 yards a carry. Wynn? 5.0 yards a carry. Wynn should get more touches in the weeks to come. If he succeeds, you can forget many of the concerns about the offensive line.

Next week the San Diego Chargers come to Lambeau Field in a game that I predicted the Chargers would win 30-20. After seeing the Patriots put the Chargers through more embarrassment in a night than Britney Spears puts herself through in a month, I’m not so sure that the Packers can’t win this game. I still think that the Chargers will have something to prove and will win a close one similar to their week 1 victory against the Bears. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Interesting stat of the day: Brandon Jackson, whose play as been shaky to say the least, still has a better yards per rush average than Charger stud LaDainian Tomlinson? Hell, even Ron Dayne (is he still in the league?) has a better yards per rush average than Tomlinson.

Anyway, Chargers vs. Packers. Good game for WISC-TV this week. 12 noon.

With the NFL heating up and the Packers and Badgers both off to good starts, have you forgotten about the Brewers? Let’s hope not, because after seemingly bottoming out, the Brewers are playing some good ball — they’ve won three straight and ten out of fifteen in the month of September. Prince Fielder continues to dominate opposing pitchers and Yovani Gallardo is close to completely eclipsing Ben Sheets as the Brewers’ ace. Unfortunately, the Cubs are still a game up on Milwaukee and they have an easier schedule the last two weeks of the season. I counted the Brewers out several weeks ago; I hope they can prove me wrong.


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