Chargers/Packers Reax

OK, I was wrong in my preseason predictions about the Chargers/Packers game. While I seem to have corrected predicted that “the massive turnover among San Diego’s coaching staff will be their downfall,” I thought the Chargers would have enough firepower to win this matchup at Lambeau 30-20.

What I find interesting about the reaction to this game is everyone piling on San Diego — a team that has already matched its number of losses (two) from last season — for losing, and no one giving props to the Packers for winning and extending their season mark to 3-0 (and their regular-season winning streak to seven). The implication of course being that the Packers are not a very good team and that the Chargers had no business losing to them, even in Green Bay.

But from where I sat, I saw two very good football teams that played a tough and very entertaining game. Guess what, San Diego, seems there is no shame this year to losing to the Pack. Turns out they’re pretty good.

How can you pile on San Diego when Phillip Rivers completed 75 percent of his passes for 306 yards and three touchdowns and the defense held the Packers to 42 yards rushing? And although San Diego did allow Brett Favre to rack up 369 yards and three touchdowns — in the process tying Dan Marino’s record for the most touchdown passes in NFL history — anyone watching that game knew that Favre was razor sharp all game and hit guys who were well covered. Same could be said of the Packers’ pass defense and how Rivers was able to have his best game of the year.

A game like this usually comes down to a couple of plays, and both went the way of Green Bay — Favre’s 57-yard strike to Greg Jennings to put the Packers up with two minutes left, and Nick Barnett’s interception to basically seal the win with 1:12 remaining.

If I’m a San Diego fan, I don’t worry. This team still looks like it has the potential to go on a run, and with upcoming games against Kansas City, Oakland, Houston, and Minnesota, probably will. But they need to find holes for LT.

If I’m a Packer fan, I’m ecstatic. What looked to be the toughest part of the schedule is over, the defending division champ Chicago Bears are a mess, and you’re playing the woeful Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Only problem — no running game. Granted, that sounds like a huge issue, but so far Favre has been able to get it done with what is quickly becoming one of the best group of receivers in the game. Favre and the passing game will have to do it again against the Vikings, whose only team strength is its run defense. But if Damon Huard can carve up the Vikings pass defense, what do you think Brett Favre will do on Sunday?

He’ll be celebrating not only a victory but also breaking the NFL record for passing touchdowns. And in the Metrodome, no less, which was for so many years his personal Terrordome.

What a way to wrap up the first month of what is shaping up to be a tremendous season.



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