No Packers? No Problem with the Sunday Ticket

Even though the Packers had a bye this week, there was plenty of NFL football to be had on Sunday. And with the NFL Sunday Ticket, I was able to see it all. Here’s some quick takes:

Baltimore at Buffalo: Big revenge game for former Bills RB Willis McGahee. Not exactly the excitement of TO returning to Philadelphia to play against the Eagles. Boring game with two boring teams. No surprise that the team with the most field goals won.

Tampa Bay at Detroit: Up is down. Black is white. Day is night. The Lions are 4-2. Jeff Garcia is still bald. Good for him.

New England at Miami: Miami is 0-7. Miami loses Ronnie Brown to a knee injury. Miami has to travel to London for their next game. If the Dolphins were in a prize fight, the ref would have stopped it by now.

Atlanta at New Orleans: The fact that the Saints had to come from behind at home to beat the Falcons says a lot about the Saints. It basically says they stink more than John Candy’s film career.

San Francisco at New York Giants: I dropped the Giants defense from my fantasy team way too early. And I’m not buying Eli Manning as a quality quarterback any more than I’m buying that new ESPN show E:60. But more about that later.

Arizona at Washington: Hear me now and believe me later: John Mellencamp will win an Oscar before Arizona posts a winning season.

Tennessee at Houston: Ahman Green racks up 39 yards on 11 carries. I haven’t seen stellar numbers like that since . . . the last time Brandon Jackson played. And at least the Packers saved some money.

New York Jets at Cincinnati: Hear me now and believe me later: Britney Spears will win an Oscar before the Jets post a winning season.

Kansas City at Oakland: Chiefs beat the Raiders for the ninth straight time. Sounds impressive until you consider we’re talking about the Raiders. Kind of like me beating my son at Candy Land nine straight times. OK, he usually beats me. But I’m getting better. It’s that damn gingerbread. That’s always my downfall.

Minnesota at Dallas: Tavaris Jackson stinks. End of story.

Chicago at Philadelphia: Two disappointing teams in a disappointingly irrelevant game. Rex Grossman watched it while working his shift at the Red Roof Inn.

St. Louis at Seattle: Hey, the Rams lost. Oh, and the sun came up.

Pittsburgh at Denver: Didn’t watch it. I was watching baseball. I can’t believe the Indians blew it. Red Sox in seven. The Rockies have had nothing to do for a week besides follow this whole Ellen DeGeneres dog story. And rumor has it Clint Hurdle is taking it very hard. He’s a softie.


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