Favre and Favre and Favre Some More

More Favre fallout:

Rankings of movies, TV shows, and albums are fine with me. Not only can they serve as good reminders to check out some things that might have passed you by, but it seems to me that it’s overall fair to compare films, shows, or music created decades apart. Good movies or TV should be timeless, even if older works look technically cheap compared to modern productions. And the best music always sounds fresh no matter when it was created.

But I have a problem with ranking athletes. Mainly because we don’t live long enough to be able to judge fairly athletes from the past and we probably place too much emphasis on the heroes of our youth. So I completely dismiss all of this quarterback ranking that has occurred since Brett Favre retired. Favre is the best quarterback I’ve seen in my adult life. But I remember being more impressed by Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana in their day. But, hey, when I was watching them — especially Bradshaw — I was a wide-eyed kid that viewed the game nowhere near as critically as I do now. Those different perspectives based on our age cloud all of our judgments. Add to that the insanity of commentators comparing Favre to Otto Graham or other quarterbacks who they never watched week in and week out (not to mention the changes in the game in the intervening decades) and you have a completely arbitrary and overall asinine collection of rankings. I have no doubt that when my son marvels at some rookie quarterback sensation five years from now, the first thing I’ll say is, “Son, this guy couldn’t carry Brett Favre’s jock.” (That is, I’m hoping my son is watching football when he’s ten and not reruns of Trading Spaces.)

Anybody else feel uncomfortable watching Favre’s press conference? I love the show of emotion, but you have to draw the line somewhere. I haven’t seen anyone bawl like that since Amber of Big Brother 8. (OK, maybe a slightly esoteric reference, but BB fans know where I’m coming from.)

Any Packer fans still stinging out there from not signing Randy Moss again? Well, don’t be too hard on yourselves, Moss wasn’t going anywhere. But what about Moss’s friend and former teammate Daunte Culpepper? Don’t get me wrong, Culpepper wouldn’t earn a starting position on most high school teams. But the Packers are now alarmingly thin at quarterback and the indication is that Thompson and McCarthy are wisely looking at a veteran QB to back up Aaron Rodgers, who certainly hasn’t shown himself to be quite the iron man that Favre was. Rumors are that the Packers are looking at Mark Brunell and Trent Green, two 37-year quarterbacks with no recent success. Brunell didn’t play at all in 2007 and Green suffered his second severe concussion in thirteen months in October 2007 and should be all indications be staying as far away from a football field as humanly possible if he wants to be have any long-term success in reciting the alphabet or tying his shoes.

Culpepper, while certainly a shell of his former Pro Bowl self, had six starts in 2007 with the Oakland Raiders and posted a so-so 78.0 QB rating on a team with basically no talent. He’s six years younger than Brunell and Green and, since his injuries have rendered him fairly immobile, could fit in well with the Packers’ schemes of short drops and quick slants. I’m not saying that he would resurrect his career like Moss did when he left Oakland for New England; I’m not even saying that you want to have to play him at all. But as insurance, and as someone hungry to prove he still has something in the tank, the Packers could do far worse than Culpepper.

Bad news: The men’s hockey Badgers proved me wrong and have to go on the road to start the WCHA playoffs.

Good news: The men’s basketball Badgers proved me wrong and don’t have to share the Big Ten title with no one.

Old news: I’m wrong a lot. But at least I have spunk.


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