‘Tis The Season . . . For Regrets

If you’re like me, the end of the year is a time for reflection. Of thinking of the things that you did and didn’t do, of the ups and the downs. Basically, if you’re a “glass half-empty” kind of person like I am, it’s a time for regrets. Here are some of mine:

1. I regret that I allowed myself to fall in love with C.C. Sabathia.  Especially since I knew from the outset that the relationship between Sabathia and the Brewers was destined to be short-lived. But despite knowing better, I became seduced by how deep he went into games, by how he could “help his cause” at the plate, by how he could pitch on short rest time and time again. I fooled myself into thinking that he was having such a good time in Milwaukee playing for a good team with a lot of young talent that he could be persuaded to stay, even if, in comparison to other offers he was receiving, the Brewers’ contract could barely pay him enough for his family to survive.

But now he’s gone and I feel like a fool. And he didn’t even make good on his word to stay in the National League because he enjoyed hitting. He went for the money and only the money. He went to the Yankees. Disgusting. It’s all so seedy. I feel so used.  

And what are Brewer fans left with? Besides fond memories of the Brewers’ first postseason trip since 1982, just Gallardo, Bush, Suppan, McClung, and Parra. Ugh.

2. I regret that I had such high expectations for the Packers this year. Though I thought they should have brought back Favre, I believed that Rodgers could step in and be OK. And really, he has been fine, if frustratingly inconsistent. What I didn’t anticipate was the complete lack of discipline that this club has, which has resulted (through 13 games) in a league-leading 844 penalty yards and one of the sloppiest defenses in the NFC. (I believe they must have gotten tackling pointers from watching Bielema’s Badgers.)

Sunday’s game against Houston was simply atrocious, as the Packers lost a game — at home — that the Texans, through four turnovers, were trying desperately to give away. The 549 yards of total offense the Packers surrendered to the Texans — the Texans — was the most they had given up since 1983. (That was beforeHuey Lewis and the News were big.) And it could easily have been more had Houston not kept shooting themselves in the foot (insert Plaxico Burress joke here).

OK, there have been injuries, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. And yes, most of the losses have been close. But those arguments only thinly veil the truth that this is not a good football team.

This weekend’s game at Jacksonville should have been a marquee match-up. Instead both teams are mired in lousy seasons, leaving little reason to watch. But if you must, you must. But you’ll regret it. Jacksonville 20, Green Bay 14.

3. I regret being a little late to the Badgers’ basketball party this year. Distracted by Badger football, I didn’t really start watching until the Virginia Tech game. And there have been three thrilling games since then. The good news: The Badgers look to have a plethora of solid scorers, led by Hughes, Landry, Bohannon, and Leuer, all clocking in at double digit points per game (OK, Leuer is 9.8, but I round up). The bad news: The picture will become clearer once conference play begins on December 31, but even with four starters in double digits, the Badgers are still ninth in the Big Ten in scoring. And their once-smothering defense is looking a little average this year, only sixth in the Big Ten and a surprising tenth in field goal percentage defense.

4. I regret that I said the Bucks would make the playoffs. Of course, it’s too early to give up, but they are 9-15 and in twelfth place in the Eastern Conference. Let’s face it: It’s never too early to regret something about the Bucks.

5. I regret that I drafted LaDainian Tomlinson and Ryan Grant as my first two picks in my fantasy football league. Both have been wildly impressive — in their pursuit of unwavering mediocrity. Kind of like my wife’s Ford Focus.

6. I regret dating so many ex-girlfriends of former Dallas Stars forward Sean Avery. Sorry, dude, I really didn’t think it would bother you.


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