Thompson/McCarthy Follow-Up

My post last week on whether Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson should be fired generated the most comments of any post I’ve done since I began this blog three years ago. (That’s 200 posts, people!)

Most respondents agreed that the Packers should spare coach Mike McCarthy but preferred that general manager Ted Thompson be making personnel decisions for the Vikings or Bears. Most people who wrote in used my own points — that Thompson has been woefully inactive in the free agent market and woefully inconsistent with the team’s draft picks — to argue that Thompson should be fired, despite my own personal resistance to such a move after one bad season. But I certainly agree that Thompson needs to have a better (re: more active) off-season and needs to draft at least one player this April who will make an impact in 2009.

Monday’s firings of defensive coordinator Bob Sanders and five other assistant coaches was a seemingly drastic but necessary move on the road to an improved Packers team next season. But if the team isn’t better in 2009 (but really, how could they be much worse?), I expect fans again to take out their anger on McCarthy and especially Thompson. And I expect that my own patience will have run out by then as well.

Sunday’s Wild Card loss by the Minnesota Vikings to the Philadelphia Eagles either relieved Packer fans or made them nervous. Relief because of the renewed knowledge that as long as the Vikings have Tavaris Jackson and Gus Frerotte as their quarterbacks, that they will never be a dominant team. Nervous because after Sunday’s awful performance, the Vikings might actually finally be forced to sign a reliable quarterback. And with their defense and run game, a reliable quarterback will make the Vikings a very good team. Even though it was arguably sleazy, Thompson and McCarthy were right in keeping Brett Favre out of a Vikings jersey in 2009. Going from Jackson/Frerotte to Favre — even with the interceptions — would have been like going from Huey Lewis to Bruce Springsteen.  

Playoffs: I’m going to be boring here and take all the obvious teams except one. That’s the Panthers, Steelers, Titans, and I’ll take the Eagles to upset New York. The Eagles are looking like last year’s Giants — an underachieving team that is finally playing their best football at the best time possible.


2 Responses

  1. vikes forced to sign a reliable qb? (Favre)!
    as long as m/m and t/t are there things won’t change.
    who was afraid of what a/r would do to them, no body. put 8 men in the box to stop the run, and let the secondary handle the rest! Worked didn’t it!
    other teams are stupid, basically three rookie q/b’s.
    big numbers passing between the 20’s so what. 4000 yards passing = 6/10 wow, I’m impressed. call out the players in the media for perceived short commings, classy organization
    talk about taking a step backwards, wow!
    think back to the years before Favre (doormat) just like detroit is now, yup were moving forward, fire all the coaches you can, the race to the bottom has begun.


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